Inspiring the Next Generation of Tech Leaders.

STEM Champions Bilingual is a virtual program to introduce coding and robotics to children in grades 1 to 10. Register now for 10 workshops! Program starts on October 23rd!

Program Details

STEM Bilingual Champions is a virtual program for francophone and anglophone kids 6 to 15 years old living in the regions of Scarborough and Durham. The objective is to introduce them to the STEM through a 10-session program where they will learn valuable skills in Coding and Robotics, while developing interpersonal skills by working and interacting with kids from various backgrounds in both French and English.

A program designed to inspire creativity

Promoting bilingual interactions in French & English

Our programs are designed to foster the usage of both French and English, allowing cultural exchange between francophone and anglophone communities.

High-demand Skills

Kids learn trending technologies, equipping them for successful careers in the STEM industry.

Improving Kids Confidence & Interactions

Our programs leverage interactions and social skills by promoting group projects and communications between children of various backgrounds

Practical Projects

More than theories, kids use what they learn to create fun projects.

Program Benefits

Our highly-qualified instructors are thoroughly selected. Most of them are certified teachers with extensive teaching experience.

  • Background checks
  • Multiple reference checks
  • Extensive technology training

Kids have access to friendly mentors who will provide them with all the guidance and support they need throughout the program.

  • French and English speaking
  • Highly experienced with kids
  • Flexible, patient and inspiring

Our programs are based on the new math Ontario curriculum.

  • 7+ years of refinement
  • Named “Best Kids’ Workshops”
  • A curriculum that will redefine your kid’s relationship with tech.

Upon completion of the programs, kids will receive various certificates :

  • Certificate of Participation
  • Certificate of Assiduity
  • Certificate of Excellence
  • Sociability Certificate

Choose Us For Your Child Better Future

Allow your kid to develop valuable skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, while creating fun projects in Coding, Robotics and Minecraft.

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