Learn Gardening Techniques From an Early Age!

As part of this project, EcoAmbassadeurs’ will partner with schools to identify a suitable space or land, in order to set up a community garden with an interactive, entertaining, and educational approach.

This project is called “Eco-Champions”, it is a versatile program that can be tailored according to the needs, interests, and ages of the students involved. From this standpoint, EcoAmbassadeurs will develop an educational kit to encourage either a day, or a week of gardening at school for students, and their teachers. This kit will be a comprehensive tool made up of the following components:

– 1 animation guide that will include a series of activities specifying the course sequence of the sessions.

– 1 practical guide explaining cultures containing advice for starting or developing a garden project in a school, some posters about gardening (e.g. posters illustrating the diversity of cultivable plants at school, easy gardening techniques, etc.)

Description of the activity

It is essential for the location of the educational garden to be determined by the school, prior to the start of the project. In the case that the space cannot be provided in the schoolyard, we will try to coordinate with the municipality to inquire whether any nearby municipal land could be allocated to the creation of the garden.

The school, with the support of EcoAmbassadeurs, will also plan the maintenance of the garden during school holidays – particularly during the summer. If municipal land is used for the garden, we will check and coordinate with the municipality in order to ensure its maintenance (e.g. whether to use or not to use phytosanitary products, depending on the nature of the project).

Through this project, we hope to promote the educational interests of the children involved and illustrate that the implementation of a garden is relatively straightforward. Photos and videos will be posted on the school’s, and EcoAmbassadeurs’ website as well as social media.


A – Designing an educational kit for students and their teachers to support a special gardening day or week at school.

The kit will be a comprehensive tool consisting of the following:

– 1 Interactive guide comprising a series of activities specifying the course sequence of the sessions.

– 1 practical guide on a variety of cultures that contain advice to start and develop a school project on gardening; posters pertaining to gardening, including different feasible plants that can be grown at school, easy gardening techniques, etc.

B – Providing educational resources

1 – Providing virtual or in-person interactive presentations, explaining the steps in setting up an educational garden.

2 – Providing presentations about options on how to create an educational garden.

3 – Designing a guide or creating resources for teachers’ self-directed learning. 

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