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Toronto, September 2nd, 2021EcoAmbassadeurs is proud to announce the launch of its new initiative: STEM Bilingual Champions, in funded in part by Heritage Canada. This virtual program is designed to introduce coding and robotics to 100 children in grades 2 to 10, through a 10-session program, for a total of 100 workshops. This will allow kids from the GTA to learn valuable skills in coding and robotics, while developing interpersonal skills by working and interacting with kids from various backgrounds in both French and English.

In fact, the Canadian government forecasts the number of career opportunities requiring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematic,) expertise to increase exponentially in the coming years. In Canada alone, jobs requiring STEM skills are growing at a rate of 4.6% annually and expected to rise further. As demand for specific skills outpace the supply of workers available to fulfill new job openings, upskilling in STEM is considered crucial to the success of young Canadians and their participation in the labour market.

Sparkling an interest for STEM education and career among the younger generation is then crucial to allow them to access high-skilled roles in the future.

Steering more young people towards STEM and expanding the pool of graduates in this area will help to curtail future labour shortages in Canada requiring in-demand skills. More importantly, students will be armed with the knowledge they need to reach their full potential as creative, engaged, and entrepreneurial citizens


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