Who We Are


Promoting Development

We are geared towards prioritizing the needs of our Francophone and Francophile communities by offering them bilingual programs and services.

We support them in order to promote their social, economic, and civic success and development. We also collaborate with other organizations in an inclusive and complementary manner, to offer adapted and diversified services and activities in various fields, including health, education, entrepreneurship, establishment, and environment. The development and leadership of Francophone and Francophile youth, families, and professionals are our priorities. We focus especially on disadvantaged and under-represented groups.


Creating economic, civic and ecological opportunities for our community members.


Work collaboratively to meet priority needs, and promote the development of Francophone and Francophile communities in an inclusive manner.

Strategic Priorities

We have a different set of activities, where we work on projects, campaigns, and initiatives favoring the social, economic, and cultural development of our communities.






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